Yorkshire and Hampshire hogs, laying hens, goats, sheep, llamas, donkeys, rabbits, ducks- and Biscuit the miniature pony. Forty acres of feed corn and soybeans. Fruit trees and eggs for sale. Dawn Farm is a working farm- every day, all year long.

And we’re getting better at it every year.

The Dawn Farm garden is growing bigger and becoming more diverse to meet our many needs. Our goal is to provide fresh, organic, nutritious food to our residents and others in the Dawn Farm community. We aim to grow enough vegetables to provide for the needs of our main residential facility throughout the year. We will have public canning and preserving days, in addition to many other volunteer opportunities throughout the season. Join us!

The Farm garden covers approximately an acre, and includes a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits. We also have a small orchard with a variety of apple, pear, peach, and cherry trees.

We use all organic methods in our gardens, creating our own compost on site, watering with a point well and with rainfall catchment, and we have developed a significant focus on heirloom vegetables and seed saving.

We hope to provide a working model for the community- one that includes promoting local and sustainable food production, building a sense of community, and working to restore health to our bodies and the land.

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