New garden projects.

The past two years we’ve been focusing on growing a lot of food for the clients at Dawn Farm’s main residential facility. And we’ve succeeded! Last year we had more peppers and eggplant than we knew what to do with! We still have work to do- figuring out how to balance the needs of an organic garden (and all the pests and blight that may come our way) with the needs of our clients and pleasing their diverse pallets. This will likely take a few years to get right! We also have work to do figuring out the best and most efficient way to store our veggies for use throughout the rest of the year.

We are working this year on expanding the program to serve not only our main residential facility but also Spera, Dawn Farm Downtown, and all of the folks out at our transitional housing. This has the potential to feed over 300 people with fresh organic vegetables grown right at Dawn Farm! Not only that, but we’re going to be working with everyone involved to create a great Dawn Farm cookbook, specifically for use with our seasonal produce and meats.


But we don’t want to stop there. Feeding the clients is our priority, but we also will surely have a surplus that, in the past, has gone to the pigs. Those pigs sure are happy. We thought about it, though, and another idea we have is to start a farm stand this year- a spot where all our excess veggies can find a home with people outside of the farm! This will be located right on the farm, where people can come and see what we’re up to and get some great food- all while supporting this great organization dedicated to helping people rebuild their lives. What could be better?


We’ll follow up with details about the new projects, including the farm stand. Please feel free to comment or send a message with your thoughts or suggestions- they are so appreciated! Also, we’re always in need of good volunteers willing to get their hands dirty!

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