Dawn Farm is, first and foremost, a place of recovery. To quote the website:

“Since 1973, Dawn Farm has met community needs with compassion, creativity and hope. From our humble roots in 1973 to the current array of community programs, Dawn Farm’s plainspoken ideal has always been the same—to be the place where addicts and alcoholics could go for help, regardless of their ability to pay.

For many years, Dawn Farm has offered a continuum of services to help addicts and alcoholics achieve long term recovery.  With residential services, supportive transitional housing, outpatient treatment, sub-acute detoxification and a range of active outreach programs, Dawn Farm has always been there to help.”

All of this takes place on a beautiful 65 acre farm. This blog was created to give you a behind the scenes look at the farm side of Dawn Farm. You see, we want you all to be involved in this project, because it really is a community effort. None of us are seasoned farmers- we’re just trying new things and learning every year!

This space will give you an opportunity to see what we’re up to, find out how to lend a hand, or to give us your suggestions/feedback. Thanks for stopping by!

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